Pre/Post-Scan Script Editor

Enables you to edit pre and post scan scripts in your Management Zones.

To access
  • Adapter Management > Inventory Discovery > expand AdaptorsInventory Discovery by Scanner > expand the Global Configuration Files pane, select the PrePostScanScriptingConfiguration file and click Edit .
  • Data Flow Management > Universal Discovery > Zone-based Discovery > Inventory Discovery ActivityPreferences tab > select Scanner based Inventory Discovery and click Edit Script.
Important information UI elements are available only when a script file is selected in the left pane.
Relevant tasks How to Edit Pre-/Post-Scan Scripts
See also Inventory Discovery Scanners

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Find Text. Opens the Find Text dialog box, enabling you to find text in the selected script file. For more information, see Find Text Dialog Box.
Go to Line. Opens the Go To Line dialog box, enabling you to jump to a specific line in the script file. Enter the line number and press Enter.
Import a File. Opens the Import File dialog box, enabling you to import a script file or a resource file.
Export to a File. Opens the Export File dialog box, enabling you to export the selected script or resource file.