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How to Configure Full Population Run

Because the UCMDB integration adapter only synchronizes changes, over time CIs are not touched and are aged out. Therefore, by default, the UCMDB integration adapter runs a full population job every seven days.

Note For other adapters, if the Allow Integration job to delete removed data check box is selected, touch is performed automatically. If the check box is cleared, touch is not performed.

To change the full population value of the UCMDB integration adapter:

  1. Open the CmdbAdapter adapter source.

    1. Select Data Flow Management > Adapter Management > Resources pane > CmdbAdapter.
    2. Under Adapters, right-click CmdbAdapter, and select Edit Adapter Source.
  2. In the source file, locate the following tag:

  3. Edit the value as follows:

    Value Description
    7 Run full population job every 7 days
    1 Run full population job each day
    0 Always run a full population job
    -1 The option is disabled

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