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How to Define the Owner Tenant Adapter Parameter

In multi-tenancy environments, all discovered CIs/relationships are assigned an owner tenant. If an owner tenant parameter is defined in the discovery adapter, the discovered CIs/relationships are assigned this owner tenant.

If a job using the adapter has an override defined for this parameter, then the overriding value is assigned to the discovered CI/relationship. For details, see How to Define the Owner Tenant For a Discovery Job.

This task describes how to define an owner tenant parameter in an adapter.

Note This section is relevant for multi-tenancy environments only.

  1. Prerequisite

    The owner tenant that you want to define in adapter's parameter must already be defined in UCMDB. For details on creating owner tenants in UCMDB, see New Tenant/Edit Tenant Dialog Box.

  2. In the Adapter Management module, select the adapter whose parameter you want to define.

  3. Click the Adapter Definition tab.

  4. In the Adapter Parameters pane, click the Add button:

    1. In the Name box, type defaultOwner.
    2. In the Value box, enter the name of the owner tenant in UCMDB that you want to define in the adapter.
    3. (Optional) Enter a description for the owner tenant parameter.

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