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Configure LDAP tool

Complete the following steps to configure the LDAP tool:

  1. Open the command prompt and change the directory to/var/vols/itom/hcm/shared/tools/csa/LdapTool folder.
  2. Copy the certificate (*.pem) file from location the /etc/nginx-ssl/ to hcm-nginx-ingress-controller container, by running the following command: docker cp <container_ID>:/etc/nginx-ssl/<certificate-file-name>.pem /tmp.
  3. Next, run the following command: keytool -importcert -file /var/vols/itom/hcm/certs/hcm1-hcm-default-secret.pem -alias <hostname> -keystore /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.8.0-openjdk-
  4. Note: Replace the parameters marked in bold to suit your HCM environment.

  5. Generate an encrypted password using the PasswordUtil Tool and use the same in the config files.

  6. Edit the file.
  7. Edit the file.
  8. Run java –jar <tool name>.