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Appendix: Hubot Notifications Integration with CSA

CSA provides the ability to integrate with Slack and Hubot so that subscription-related messages can be sent from a Slack chat room. After you subscribe or cancel a subscription within the chat room, you will receive a Hubot notification within the chat room of the subscription's status.

As part of this integration, an example Coffee Script and environment file are shipped with CSA. You can use these files to quickly integrate CSA and Hubot. These files are shipped in the PERSISTENT_VOLUME_PATH/extras directory.

The following properties must be added and configured in the hcm-csa.yaml file to enable CSA to send pre-defined messages through the Slack channel. Notifications are sent back to the chat room with the subscription ID when the subscription becomes active, is successful, or canceled.

Property Description

Set this property to true if you want to enable integration between CSA and Hubot notifications.

Set this property to false to disable CSA and Hubot integration.


Use http://<hubot_host>:<port> to enable CSA and Hubot integration. Replace the <hubot_host> and <port> with the hostname and port used by the Hubot instance.


Sets the Slack chat platform with which Hubot will be interacting. Slack is the only chat platform that is supported. Slack must be installed to use Hubot .



Sets the Bot_Namethat Hubot listens to when sending messages. The Bot_Name is configured both in slack as well as in the Hubot environment file.


Sets the channel name for Hubot to post messages back into room that deployment or cancel actions were called from. Example format is #<channel-name>.