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Provider Resource Pools

Resource pools create an association between resources that can be provisioned by a provider and subscriptions. You can create a resource pool on a provider to represent a pool of resources associated with that provider. For example, you can create a resource pool on a VMware vCenter resource provider that corresponds to a VMware cluster. You can also model an infrastructure orchestration resource pool (a pool of CPU, memory, storage, and networking) as a CSA resource pool. You can decide which provider concepts, if any, you wish to model as CSA resource pools; the resource pool concept may not be applicable to all provider types.

When you model resources on a provider in resource pools, you should model them in one of the two fashions described below:

  • A single resource pool on a resource provider that models all resources that can be allocated to CSA on this provider
  • Multiple resource pools on a resource provider, each of which models its own portion of the total available resources on the provider. For example, if a provider has 2000 GB of Storage available, the sum of the Total Available To CSA for each resource of type Storage on all resource pools associated with the provider should be no greater than 2000 GB.


  • View resource pools for the selected provider - See the list of resource pools and their descriptions. Disabled resource pools are indicated by the Disabled label and will not participate in resource allocation processing for new subscriptions.
  • Create a resource pool - Click Create. Provide the information listed in the following table.
  • See more information about a resource pool - Click the resource pool whose information you want to view.
Item Description
Display Name The name you provide for the resource pool.
Description The description you provide for the resource pool.
Known By Provider As

The name this resource pool is known by in the associated resource provider. For example, if this resource pool corresponds to a VMware vCenter cluster, this value would be the exact cluster name configured in VMware vCenter.

Resource Synchronization Action

An action that updates the resources in the resource pool by communicating with the associated resource provider. For example, you can use this action to update the Total Available To CSA field of each resource configured on the resource pool based on the actual capacity of each resource as configured on the associated resource provider. For more information, see Resources for a resource pool.

Click Select and search for flows or actions by name (when searching for a flow, the folders searched in the Operations Orchestration library are determined by a property configured in the file; see the "Action Selection Wizard" property description section in the Cloud Service Automation Configuration Guide for more information) or select the process engine from which to select a flow or action. Then, locate and select the flow or action.

The Last Synchronized field in the Overview tab of the resource pool indicates the last time (local client time) a resource synchronization action on a resource pool completed successfully.

Enabled The availability is either Enabled or Disabled. When Disabled, the resource pool will not be available for allocation of resources for new subscriptions, but disabling a resource pool will have no effect on existing subscriptions.

Best practices

In the Overview tab of the resource pool property sheet, hover your cursor over the Resource Synchronization Action value to see the full path of the selected process definition in Operations Orchestration.