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View subscriber option sets and options

Note The Subscriber Options tab is read-only if the service design is published.

To view subscriber option sets and options:

  1. Select the service design version whose subscriber options and option sets you want to view.
  2. Select the Subscriber Options tab to view the option sets and options for the service design.
  3. Click Navigate to Option Set to view the options for an option set and add or modify option properties.
  4. Click Navigate to Option to view the option set for an option and add or modify its properties.

Click View Outline to see a tree view of all of the option sets, options, and properties that have been configured for the design and to navigate directly to an option set or option.

A Validation column is added in the Subscriber Options Outline view. It displays validation script name (if validation is enabled) like in case of dynamic properties.

Only not hidden and not locked property will be semantically validated. If the property is hidden, property validation will be disabled with a warning, but the changes are saved.