Use > Operations > View subscriptions for an organization

View subscriptions for an organization

  1. In the left pane of the Operations area, select the name of the organization whose subscription information you want to view. Subscription information is displayed by user in the Users tab and by service offerings in the Offerings tab.

    Note The list of subscribers shown in the Users tab is the list of users who have logged in to the Marketplace Portal at least once. The list of offerings shown in the Offerings tab is the offerings that are published in the selected organization's catalogs.

  2. Use the drop-down list to select an option for sorting. Use the search box to filter the subscriber information. Only the User Name and associated email address are included in the search.
  3. Review the following information for each user:

    Item Description
    User Name

    This column appears only in the Users tab. The user name (and associated email address) that the Subscriber uses to log into the Marketplace Portal.

    Note: Only subscriptions submitted by the subscriber are included in the list of subscriptions. Subscriptions submitted for a group the subscriber belongs to (that were not submitted by the subscriber) are not included in the list. Subscriptions submitted for a group are identified by the group icon .
    Offering Name

    This column appears only in the Offerings tab. The service offering name (and version) of an offering published in the organization's catalog.

    Subscription Summary

    The number of subscriptions with the status:







    For a more detailed description of each status, see View subscriptions for a user.

    Request Summary

    The number of requests in the following state:

    Pending Approval

    Last Request Date -The date of the most recent subscription request made by this subscriber.