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Topology design access control

You can configure access control for users and groups for a topology design. Groups can be configured for the Provider organization and on the LDAP server. Users must be configured on the LDAP server.


You can perform the following tasks in the Access Control tab:

  • Sort the list - Select whether to sort By Roles or By Users and Groups.
  • Search - Use the search box to search the list for users and groups.
  • Manage Access Control - Click Manage to do the following:
    • Select whether to restrict access to the design.
    • Search for users or groups whose access you want to enable for this design.
    • Add Users and Groups - Click the add icon. Select whether to Search Users or Search Groups, or enter a search string to find users in LDAP and add them to the list of users who can access this design.
    • Remove a user or group - Click the delete icon to remove the selected user or group.

Best practices

You can use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard in your search string. Use Shift or Ctrl to select multiple users or groups.