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Browse topology designs

Use the Topology Designs area to browse, view, and manage topology designs.


In the All Designs section you can perform the following tasks:

  • View designs - In the left pane, select All Designs or select a user-defined tag to display a list of the corresponding topology designs in the right pane.
  • Manage design tags - Click the gear icon and select Manage Design Tags. Tags are user-defined, color-coded labels and images used to provide a structure for organizing and grouping related designs. A design can be assigned to multiple tags.
  • Create a design - Allows you to specify the following:
    • Palette - Select the palette for the design.
    • Display Name - Provide the display name for the design.
    • Description - Provide the description for the design.
    • Initial Version - Provide the number or name for the initial version of the design.
    • Image - Select an image that displays for the design. Click Change Image. Choose the image you want, and click Select. Click Upload to add your own image. Supported file extensions include .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, and .png. The recommended image size is 256 by 256 pixels, and the image will be scaled to the appropriate size.
    • Tags - Click Select Tags to choose from a list of tags that you can define to provide a structure for organizing and grouping the service designs. To remove a tag, hover the cursor over the tag you want to remove and click the Delete icon.
  • Import a design - See Import and export a topology design.
  • Create New Version - Below the design name, click New to create a new version. Each design can have multiple versions. The most recently edited version displays in bold text. The most recent five versions of a design are displayed under the design name, with links to individual versions. For designs with more than five versions, click All to see the complete version list. Specify the following to create a new version:
    • Based on Version - Select the version on which you want to base the new version.
    • Palette - Select the palette for the design. This field does not appear unless Based on Version is set to (none).
    • Version - Provide the number or name for the new version.
    • Description - Provide the description for the new version.
  • Open a design or version - Click the design name to open the Design Overview area, or click a version to open the Version Overview area. See Topology design or version overview.

Best practices

Express designs created before Cloud Service Automation 4.50 will continue to function, but no new express designs can be created. For information about the Express Design feature, see the user documentation for Cloudsystem (