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Shopping Cart

In the Marketplace Portal, you can browse for service offerings in the catalog and then add them to the shopping cart for a single checkout transaction. This transaction is recorded as one order confirmation number.

The total number of offerings (items) that you add to the shopping cart is displayed at the top of each view. All items are based on their service designs. Shopping cart contents remain in the cart, even after you log out. To empty the shopping cart, remove each item.

Note For each service offering in your shopping cart, pricing precision displays up to five digits. This pricing is based on the original service offering configuration.

During the shopping cart checkout process, you can:

  • Add Subscription Names—Enter meaningful, custom names for each item in your shopping cart. As a best practice, create names that easily identify them as services in your organization. If you do not want to customize the subscription names, accept the default subscription names.
  • Provide Order Information—Configure the subscription period for all items in your shopping cart. Attach documents that provide more information for the approval process, such as a purchase order.

    Note You must use Internet Explorer 10.0 or higher to attach documents to a service offering.

To complete a shopping cart checkout:

  1. In the Dashboard, in the Shop for Services section, select the All Services tile.
  2. Select an offering, review its details, and then click Add to Cart.
  3. While in the shopping cart, you can do the following:

    1. Click Edit Configuration to change information about an offering. Click Update to save your changes.
    2. Change the Quantity number. Click Update to save your changes.
    3. Click Remove Item if you want to remove this offering from your shopping cart. In the Remove Item dialog, click Yes.
    4. Click Continue Shopping to exit the shopping cart and browse the catalog to add more offerings to your shopping cart.
    5. Use the browser's print option to print or save a copy of the contents of the shopping cart.
  4. Click Checkout to display the Add Subscription Names view. Accept the default names or enter meaningful names for items in your shopping cart.

    If the Checkout button cannot be selected, review your cart for the following messages:

    • This offering is no longer available—The offering has been unpublished or removed from the catalog. You must remove this item from the shopping cart before you can check out.
    • Offering has changed since it was added to the cart. Choose 'Edit Configuration' to validate offering before Checkout.—The offering has been updated after you added it to your shopping cart. Click Edit Configuration and verify the changes to the offering. To accept the changes, click Update. If you do not want to accept the changes, return to the shopping cart and remove the item from your shopping cart.
  5. Click Continue to display the Provide Order Information view:

    1. Accept the subscription period or make changes.
    2. Attach documents that provide more information for the approval process.
    3. Review the terms and conditions and then check the check box to confirm your agreement.
  6. Click Submit Cart. The Shopping Cart Confirmation view displays detailed request information, including the total cost of all items in your cart and the order number. This order number also displays in the Requests view.