Find Text Dialog Box

Enables you to find text in a script or configuration file.

To access Select a script or configuration file and click the Find text button in the file pane.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element (A–Z) Description
  • Click Find to find one instance of the text you are searching for.

  • Click Find All to find all instances of the text.

Direction Search forwards or backwards through the script or configuration file.
Find what

Type the text to be found or click the down arrow to choose from previous searches.

Click the adjacent arrow to display a list of symbols you can use in wildcard or regular expression searches. This arrow is enabled when you select the Use option.

Options Select an option to narrow your search.
Origin Enables a search of the entire scope or from the current cursor position.
  • Global. Searches throughout the file.

  • Selected Text. Searches through the selected text.