Universal Discovery User Interface

Zone-based Discovery

Enables you to activate discovery in a user-friendly way by setting up Management Zones with various discovery activities.

Zone-based Discovery View

How to....

How to Create Management Zones

How to Define Discovery Activities in a Management Zone

How to Rank Management Zones

How to Run Zone-based Discovery

Discovery Progress and Results

Discovery Troubleshooter Wizard

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Zone-based Discovery Overview

Management Zone Ranking

Discovery Troubleshooter

Module/Job-based Discovery

Enables you to activate discovery by setting up and running individual discovery jobs.

Note This is suitable when you want to run discovery on a particular discovery node rather than within a Management Zone.

Discovery Modules/Jobs Window

How to....

How to Run Module/Job-based Discovery

How to Manually Activate Modules/Jobs/CIs

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Modules/Jobs-based Discovery Overview