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How to check the SNMP credentials used in the discovery for a discovered device?

Question: For a discovered device, how should I check the SNMP credentials used in the discovery?

To check the SNMP credentials used in the discovery, you can search the Communication Log of the Host Connection by SNMP job.

To view communication log for agent related jobs,

  1. In UCMDB, go to Data Flow Management > Universal Discovery > Discovery Modules/Jobs tab.

  2. In the Discovery Modules tree, select Network Infrastructure > Host Connection > Host Connection by SNMP.

  3. (Optional) Right-click Host Connection by SNMP, select Activate from the context menu if the job is not activated, and wait for the Triggered CIs list to refresh.

  4. In the Triggered CIs list in the Discovery Progress pane, click a number with link.

  5. In the Look for field that is just enabled, enter the IP address for the target device and click .
  6. Right-click the returned entry, and from the context menu, select Debug > View Communication Log.

  7. In the log that opens, search <CONNECT start as keyword to locate the entry in the log that indicates starting from when the device is connected.

    For example:

    <CONNECT start="08:05:20" duration="4" CMD="client_connect" RESULT="success" type="snmp" credentialsId="7_1_CMS">
            <prop name="protocol_index" value="1" />
            <prop name="protocol_timeout" value="3000" />
            <prop name="credentialsId" value="7_1_CMS" />
            <prop name="cm_credential_id" value="7_1_CMS" />
            <prop name="snmpprotocol_version" value="version 2c" />
            <prop name="protocol_type" value="snmpprotocol" />   
            <prop name="snmpprotocol_postfix" value="" /> 
            <prop name="port" value="161" />
            <prop name="protocol_netaddress" value="DEFAULT" />
            <prop name="ip_address" value="" />
            <prop name="snmpprotocol_privalg" value="3DES" />
            <prop name="snmpprotocol_authalg" value="MD5" />
            <prop name="protocol_port" value="161" />
            <prop name="snmpprotocol_retry" value="2" />
            <prop name="snmpprotocol_snmpmethod" value="getnext" />
            <prop name="user_label" value="SNMP Protocol Credential 1" />
            <prop name="snmpprotocol_authmethod" value="noAuthNoPriv" />
            <prop name="retry" value="2" />
            <prop name="protocol_username" value="" />
            <prop name="protocol_in_use" value="false" />

    This log example indicates that the device is connected successfully by SNMP and the credential ID is 7_1_CMS.

    The log information between the <ClientProperties> and </ClientProperties> tags are the details of the SNMP credential used in the discovery. Among these properties information, to find out the credential name, you can check the value for the user_label attribute (highlighted above) of the SNMP credential that you defined in the SNMP protocol.

    Note: The SNMP community strings you defined in the protocol are encrypted in UD, therefore they are not visible in the log.