Legacy APIs

CSA continues to support the REST API introduced in the CSA 3.x releases. We'll refer to these calls as the Legacy CSA 3.x API or simply Legacy API. Though there is some overlap between the information available through this API and through the consumption API, the legacy API provides access to additional information not available through the consumption API. This document includes information on each call:

  • URI syntax
  • Method (operation)
  • Parameter descriptions
  • Examples are often included

List of legacy APIs

The following API calls are accessed programmatically or through an HTTP client. These calls are documented in Legacy APIs.

API Description
artifact View, create and modify artifacts
availablevalues Retrieve the list of available values for a dynamic property


View, create and modify information related to catalogs


Export supported artifact(s) as a content archive
import, import_result Import supported artifact(s) from a content archive
lifecycleengine View and schedule lifecycle actions
login Provide credentials for REST API calls
notification View and send notifications
organization, orgInformation View and modify organization information
processinstances View execution results from OO flows
resourceprovider Retrieve a list of resource providers that matches the access point URL with the access point URL specified when calling this API.
search Find specified information in artifacts
user View information related to users
utilization View resource utilization information for a subscription

See Retrieving information using REST calls for detailed information on how to exercise API calls.