Legacy APIs

These APIs use a REST interface. For information on REST interface, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Representational_state_transfer. This documentation assumes that you have prior knowledge of REST interfaces.

The base URL for a CSA REST API is https://<host:port>/csa/rest, which is appended with the specific URI for the API call. For example, to access the <example> API, use the URL: https://<host:port>/csa/rest/<example>.

Because XML content passed into or returned by a REST API calls can be lengthy, example XML content presented in this document are abbreviated to include just the more pertinent XML content.

An authorization header must be included in all API requests.

Note Special or localized characters used in the URL of REST API calls must be encoded before they are sent to the server.

Tip You should only include one value for a Boolean property and the value must be either true or false.