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Service Catalog

You can go directly to the service offerings catalog by using the All Services tile in the Marketplace Portal Dashboard Shop for Services section and in the Browse Catalog option in the sidebar menu. Use this catalog to view individual offerings that are available in your organization.

Tip Click the magnifying glass to find a certain service offering by a meaningful keyword. Search results display in the Browse Catalog view.

Service Offerings

Offerings listed in the Browse Catalog view are derived from multiple catalogs. In this view, the name of the catalog from which the service offering originated is displayed. When there are multiple versions of a service offering, the version number displays in parenthesis next to the name of each offering listed in the Browse Catalog view.

Note If the same service offering is available from more than one catalog, the cost of the service offering is the same, regardless of the catalog it came from. However, the requirement for management approval might be different.

Service offerings are presented in a unified view that is configured in CSA. This view also displays the total number of service offerings in the catalog.

You can view the service catalog by a list of offerings and by a grid of offerings. By default, the Browse Catalog view initially displays all available offerings in a list view, alphabetically.

A list display that includes information about the service, such as the name of the service, the service image, a brief description, the published date, pricing, and whether it requires approval.

A grid display that includes the name of the service, the service image, pricing, and indicates whether it requires approval.

In both types of displays:

  • In the upper left part of the Browse Catalog view, the number in parenthesis is the total count of all available offerings.

  • You can scroll down to browse all available services, search by keyword, and set filters to customize the display.

Note For each service offering, pricing precision displays up to five digits.

In the Browse Catalog view, some service offerings in this list display the initial price of the subscription and the recurring fee for the subscription, and some service offerings do not display these prices. Your Consumer Organization Administrator configures the option to show or hide this pricing information in Marketplace Portal views. Depending on the configuration setting, these prices will or will not display in several views within the Marketplace Portal, such as Browse Catalog, Browse Catalog Details, Requests, Request Details, Request Confirmation, Subscriptions, and Subscription Details. As a best practice, your Consumer Organization Administrator might want to hide these prices if they will be used for department bill back purposes. For more information, see the CSA Management Console Help.

Increasing the quantity for a service option may also increase the price for other options. For example, if you add a server then the number of CPUs and memory will increase, potentially increasing the price of each. For more information, see the CSA Management Console Help.