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How to use CloudSlang files created outside OO Designer in OO Designer

Before importing CloudSlang content to OO Designer, you need to create a content pack.

You can also create content packs with OO Shell for Authoring (OOSHA) and use it in OO Designer as a dependency if it is has a CloudSlang content. After running OOSHA, you import the content pack to OO Designer; the content pack then appears in the Dependencies section on the lower left. For details, see the relevant documentation.

Note Before creating the content pack, it is recommended to run the build tool in CloudSlang. The build tool validates the content so it doesn't fail during import to OO Designer.

  1. Create a folder with the name of your content pack, and create the folder structure inside it, as follows:

    <Content Pack folder name>\Content\Library

    <Content Pack folder name>\Lib

  2. Place your CloudSlang content in the Library folder. You can organize it into sub-folders inside the Library folder.

  3. Create a text file and name it
  4. Add the following properties to the file:
    content.pack.description=HP OO slang-content-master
  5. Store the file at the top level of the content pack folder, at same level as the Content and Lib folders.

  6. Create a .jar file from the content pack folder.

    Note You can do this using any tool that creates zip files. Create the file as a zip file and rename the suffix to jar.

  7. Continue with the steps in Import content packs to the workspace.