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Keyboard Shortcuts for OO Designer

To enhance productivity and accelerate navigation and common repetitive actions, OO Designer offers keyboard shortcuts as alternatives to clicking buttons and selecting options in the UI.

The main operation key for shortcuts is Alt, together with one letter.

Tip Print this section for easy access to the keyboard shortcuts.

Click OK Enter
Click Cancel Esc
Projects Pane  
Open the selected tree node in the Authoring pane Enter
Copy the selected tree node Ctrl + C
Paste the selected tree node Ctrl + V
Delete the selected tree node Delete
Create a new project Alt + P
Create a new folder Alt + L
Create a new flow Alt + W
Create a new system property Alt + S
Create a content pack Alt + C
Dependencies Pane  
Import a content pack Alt + I
Graph Pane  
Copy a selected step Ctrl + C
Cut a selected step Ctrl + X
Paste a selected step Ctrl + V
Debug Pane  
Start debug Alt + F11
Cancel debug Alt + F12