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Overview of Command Line Parameters

By using command line parameters, you can create shortcuts on your desktop that start Analysis Workbench with specified state images, directories containing scan files or a specific scan file.

The command line parameters can be combined, so that you can for example, load a state image and a directory of scan files or specific scan files.

This can be a very useful tool for cases where you have already loaded a large amount of data into the Analysis Workbench workspace and have performed some analysis on this data. You can save the state image of the session, and at the next session you can use command line parameters to add any new scan files that have been found in your scan file repository directories.

Because Analysis Workbench does not load duplicate scan files (that is, an identical scan file), no current data will be overwritten. Scan files are considered identical when the Asset Number field is the same even if the scan file name is different.

You can also use a command line parameter to specify that all dates in Analysis Workbench use the standard international date format instead of the one set up in Windows.