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Analysis Workbench Scripting

The Analysis Workbench provides command script options that facilitate the automation of various settings which are manually set within the application (for example, loading, processing and outputting of information from Analysis Workbench).

The scripts are standard ASCII text files, similar in layout to Windows ini files, except that they do not use equals ‘=’ in the key lines in each section within the script. The scripts make use of the various configuration lists (load options, stored queries and so on) which can be stored as part of Analysis Workbench.

By using scripts which can call these stored configuration lists, different options and sequences can be predefined and run as required for regular exporting activities. Sample files have been provided with the Analysis Workbench. The scripts have an AWCS extension to the file name.

There are four script sections (if they exist) and are processed in the following order:

  • Startup section
  • Variables section
  • Process section
  • End section

Any number of other sections can be added to the script. Other sections are not processed unless they are called for specifically by the script.

These sections do not have to be in this order in the script file and do not have to exist.

A sample script is supplied with Universal Discovery in the following location: