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Configuring Recognition Setting

The Viewer is able to perform application recognition on the software scanned, while the data is being loaded from a scan file.

When the application recognition is enabled, a Software Applications tab is available in the Viewer workspace. This tab shows a summary of identified applications on the selected machine. When recognition is disabled, loading is slightly faster but no application information is available.

There are three recognition methods: No recognition, Installed applications, and Software application index (SAI). By default, the Viewer uses the SAI recognition configured with the Master SAI files (Master.zsai) to perform application recognition. The Master SAI files are read-only files that contain a library of software applications.

There are multiple Master SAI files that can be used at the same time for recognition purposes:

  • Master.zsai
  • French.zsai
  • German.zsai
  • Unix.zsai
  • BaseUnixOS.zsai

All of these files can be found by default in the following location:


By default, the Viewer is also configured to use the User.zsai file. A User.zsai file is one that you, the customer, have customized with applications you have taught using Analysis Workbench or SAI Editor.

You can use multiple User SAI files for recognition purposes. Each User SAI created has a unique identifier assigned to it.

Note Backward compatibility has been maintained in this version of Universal Discovery.