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Viewer Overview

Viewer allows you to view the detailed information contained within a scan file (.xsf). This provides a convenient way of displaying software, hardware and asset information collected for an individual computer. The Viewer is aimed at technical support and help desk staff who need detailed configuration analysis and diagnostics.

You can also view other information, such as the characteristics of software files stored during the inventory, applications and the environment variables.

In summary, the Viewer displays:

  • Detailed and summarized hardware configuration information.
  • Asset information.
  • Details of all software scanned.
  • Contents of key files collected during the inventory, such as system configuration files (Config.sys and Autoexec.bat etc.).
  • Environment variables.
  • Details of all logical drives scanned.
  • Details of any applications recognized.
  • A list of installed applications as reported by the operating system.
  • A list of running software processes.

Starting Viewer

To start Viewer on your Windows workstation:

From the Windows Start menu select Start > All Programs > UCMDB > Inventory Tools > Viewer.

Exiting Viewer

To exit Viewer on your Windows workstation use one of the following methods:

  • Select the Exit command from the File menu.
  • Use the close icon in the top right of the workspace.