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Viewing Summary Data

The Summary tab displays a small summary of key hardware, software, user and asset information derived from the other tab pages in Viewer.

Navigation in the Summary Tab

To go directly to the tab page from which the summary information was derived:

  • Right-click and select the option from the menu or double-click on an item.
  • The following table shows the items on the Summary page, a short description and the tab page displayed when you double-click or right-click on the item:

Item Description Page Displayed
Machine Description field Hardware and Configuration
Scan date Date the scan file was produced Hardware and Configuration
Scanner version Scanner used to create the scan file Hardware and Configuration
CPU CPU description Hardware and Configuration
Memory Memory size Hardware and Configuration
HD Capacity Disk size Hardware and Configuration
OS Operating system Hardware and Configuration
MachineID Network name of the scanned machine Hardware and Configuration
Scanned volumes Drive letters scanned Hardware and Configuration
Scanned files Number of scanned files Directories and Files
Stored files Number of stored files Stored Files
Fully Recognized Applications Number of fully recognized applications Software Applications
Partially Recognized Applications Number of partially recognized applications Software Applications