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The Notifications tile provides an easy way to monitor your notifications. To manage your subscription notifications, select the Notifications tile in the Dashboard More Actions section. By default, the list of notifications displays Newest First.

Notifications are issued for the following reasons:

Notification Type Description
Pending approval If you are an approver of requests, a request needs your approval.
Request approved or rejected

A request you submitted has been approved or rejected. This notification is also created when a subscription request is automatically approved.

Subscription status change

The status of one of your subscriptions has changed: 

  • An approved subscription is now active.
  • A subscription was canceled.
  • A subscription has expired.
  • A subscription has failed.
Custom Notifications A custom notification created by your system administrator.

In the Notifications view, notifications are displayed with the most recent notification at the top of the list.

Information in a notification includes:

  • The reason for the notification.
  • The name of the related service offering or subscription.

  • The date and time the notification was created.

When a subscription-related event occurs—such as when a request for a subscription is approved or canceled, or a subscription fails or expires—the user who requested the subscription is notified about the change of status. Users who approve requests are notified when subscriptions needing their approval are requested or modified.

Additional notifications can also be generated, depending on the offering you have subscribed to.

Tip Click the magnifying glass to find a certain notification by a meaningful keyword. Search results display in the selected Notifications view.