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Choose Operation for Selected Items Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to create models and views from selected CIs.

To access In the Modeling Studio, drag CIs from the CI Selector onto the empty canvas.
Important information You can drag individual or multiple CIs onto the canvas. You can select ordinary CIs and/or models to drag onto the canvas. To select multiple CIs, hold the CTRL key while selecting CIs.
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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element (A-Z) Description
Create a new model Select to build a model comprising the CIs in your selection. If the CIs you dragged onto the canvas include at least one CI that has no valid links to any of the model CI types, this option is disabled.
Create a new view Select to build a view based on the CI collection formed by your selection.
Edit the model of the selected CI

Select to edit the selected model in the Model Editor.

Note This option only appears when a single model is dragged onto the canvas.