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<Query/Template/Perspective Name> Dependencies Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to clarify the status of dependent resources when saving changes to a query, template, or perspective.

To access In the Modeling Studio, make a change to a query, template, or perspective with dependent resources. When you click Save, the dialog box opens.
Important information

Any change made to a resource affects the views or custom reports based on that resource. Before the changes are saved, you need to specify the desired result on the dependent resources. For each dependent resource, select one of the available options: Delete or Re-Apply.

Dependent resources include views based on a query, template, or perspective, and custom reports based on a view, for example, a View Change report.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element (A-Z) Description
Delete Select this option to delete the selected dependent resource.
Re-Apply Select this option to apply the revised query, template, or perspective to the selected dependent view. The view type remains the same as it was previously (pattern view, template-based view, or perspective-based view). In the case of custom reports, the report is updated according to the revised view.
Resource The dependent resources are displayed in a tree format.