Modeling Studio Page

This page enables you to create and edit models and views.

To access Select Modeling Studio from the Navigation Menu or select Managers > Modeling > Modeling Studio.
Important information

The Modeling Studio page contains the following panes:

  • Left pane. Enables you to search for CIs or select a view, model, or TQL query to open. For details, see Left Pane.

  • Editor pane. Displays the topology map of a selected view, model, or TQL query.

The Editor pane is a blank canvas before any views or models are opened. When you open a view, model, or TQL query, the relevant editor appears there. Multiple views, models, and queries can be open at the same time in the Editor pane, each within a separate tab.

Relevant tasks
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User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element (A-Z) Description

New. Select one of the following options:

  • Instance Based Model. To create a new instance based model.

  • Pattern Based Model. To create a new pattern based model.

  • Pattern View. To create a new pattern view.

  • Template Based View. To create a new template-based view.

  • Perspective Based View. To create a new perspective-based view.

  • Template. To create a new template.

  • Perspective. To create a new perspective.

  • Dynamic Widget. To create a new dynamic widget for the UCMDB Browser.
  • Query. To create a new TQL query.

  • Automation Flow Mapping. To create an automation flow mapping. Only relevant when the Automation Flow Adapter has been deployed. For details, see the UCMDB Browser documentation.

Save. Saves the changes to your view, model, or query.

For views, a dialog box opens which enables you to rename your view and save it in the appropriate folder.

Save As. Enables you to save your view, model, or TQL query under a new name.
Undo. Reverses the last change you made.
Redo. Repeats the last action you took.
Maximize Workspace. Toggles between the regular display and a full-screen display of the editor.
<Menu> For details, see Main Menu.