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Pattern Based Model Wizard

This wizard enables you to build a pattern-based model.

To access

In the Modeling Studio, click the New button and select Pattern Based Model from the drop-down menu.

Important information

When you create a pattern-based model, the model is saved as a CI, as with an instance-based model. If you based your model on a new TQL query, the query is also saved and appears in the TQL query tree.

When you build a pattern-based model over an existing instance-based model, the model is saved with the name of the instance-based model.

If you create a new pattern-based model with the same name as a previously deleted pattern-based model, you can select an old query on which to base the new pattern-based model or you can create a new query.

Relevant tasks How to Build a New Pattern-based Model
Wizard map

The Pattern Based Model Wizard contains:

Select CI Type Page > Query Selection Page

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