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Conditions of Related CIs Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to define conditions for the CI types in a reveal path.

To access Click the Add Condition or Edit Condition button from the Conditions column of the Reveal CIs dialog box.
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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element (A-Z) Description
Add the attribute condition you have defined.
Delete an attribute condition.
Move a selected row up.
Move a selected row down.
View the condition definition.
And/Or Click inside the And/Or field and select either And or Or to link multiple conditions.
Attribute name Select an attribute from the list.
Brackets Click inside the Brackets box to display a list of brackets you can use to build more complex, logical statements.
Criteria Contains the attribute condition definition as defined in the CI Instances dialog box.

Select NOT if you want the condition statement to do the opposite of what is defined.

Note If you select NOT, query results do not include data from the CI instances that were not assigned a value. For example, your system contains three node CIs: Node1 is assigned the value A, Node2 is assigned the value B and Node3 is not assigned a value. You create a query to retrieve all nodes that are equal to A and select NOT; the results of your query only include Node2 because Node3 is not assigned a value.

Operator Select the required operator. For details, see Attribute Operator Definitions.
Value Enter or select the value of the attribute. The Value options vary according to the attribute type you select.