New Watchpoint Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to define a watchpoint for a CI in a model.

To access

From within a model in the Model Editor, click the Watchpoint button and select New Watchpoint or right-click a CI in the model and select Watchpoint > New Watchpoint.

Important information

If no reveal paths are found for the selected CI, no watchpoints can be defined.

You cannot define watchpoints for CIs in a new model until you save the model.

Relevant tasks How to Build an Instance-based Model
See also

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element (A-Z) Description
Automatically update model

Select to automatically add all revealed CIs from the selected path to the model.

Note In a multi-tenancy environment, this action requires Data Update permission in connection with all tenants of the model.

Control updates manually Select to manually add revealed CIs from the selected path to the model.
Select Watchpoint reveal path Select a reveal path from the drop-down list.
Show reveal paths for CI type Select a CI type from the drop-down list. All reveal paths beginning with that CI type appear in the list in the lower drop-down box.