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Perspective-based View Editor

This feature enables you to create and edit perspective-based views.

To access

In the Modeling Studio, click the New button and select Perspective Based View to create a new view or drag CIs from the CI Selector onto the blank canvas and select Create a new view.

To open an existing view in the Editor, select Views as the resource type in the Resources pane, select the required perspective-based view from the tree, and click Open View or double-click the view.

Important information

The Perspective-based View Editor contains the following panes:

  • Content pane. Drag CIs and/or models onto this pane to include them in your view.

  • Perspective pane. Select perspectives to apply to the content to build a view.

  • View Results pane. Displays a topology map with a preview of the current view. This pane includes most of the IT Universe Manager functionality.

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