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Resource offerings - component template tab

Components are elements of service design, sequenced or topological. A component template is a specialized version of a component type and is used to simplify service-design creation. Component templates include customized settings for properties, lifecycle actions, and resource offerings normally created in a service design.

Sequenced components are not associated with providers or provider types. From the Components tab, you can view the topological components associated with a specific provider instance and manage the topological components.

Note: Provider components are applicable only to topology components and are not applicable to sequenced components.


The Component Templates tab, in the resource-offering's details page, allows you to perform several tasks:

  • View list - View a list of component templates associated with a resource offering.
  • Select a component template - Click a component-template name to select it and display its details page.

See View Component Templates to add, edit, copy, or delete a component template.