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Resource offerings providers

Providers are management platforms that offer centralized control over the infrastructure and resources that a cloud computing environment uses. One provider can deploy virtual machines, while another provider can monitor applications. A provider corresponds to the specific instance of an application, andintegrates with the application help instantiate service designs.

A provider type allows you to classify providers for improved filtering and identification, and includes some predefined, out-of-the-box provider types.

Each instance of a resource offering can have a single provider type. In addition, resource offerings can be associated only with providers that share the same provider type.

After adding a resource offering to a service component, you must create one or more provider selection actions for that resource offering. Be sure to do this if you have configured a resource environment for a catalog in order to control which resource providers should be used when service offerings are ordered from a specific catalog. Otherwise, the default, random selection of a resource provider that occurs when provider selection actions are not called will ignore the resource environment association to a catalog. The provider selection actions execute during the Before phase of the Reserving lifecycle stage; the lifecycle stage cannot be changed.

CSA ships with internal actions to help with provider selection. For more information about these provider selection internal actions, see Provider selection internal actions.


The resource offering Provider tab displays information about current providers associated with the resource offering, and is accessible from the resource offering's details page.

You can perform the following actions in the Provider tab gear icon:

  • View details — Click a provider name to view provider details.
  • Delete — Chose delete to delete the resource offering.
  • Select — Click Select Providers to display a list of available providers that you can associate to a resource offering.