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Resource offerings Service Designs tab

To provide on-demand, automated service delivery, you create, configure, and modify service designs. A service design is a template (or blueprint) for an orderable service. Service designs include a hierarchy of service components, resource bindings, subscriber options, lifecycle actions, and custom properties, as defined by the Service Designer. Service components and their relationships in a service design define the framework for creating the service.

Service designs also provide a structure for options that consumers can select when ordering a service. You can re-use designs for multiple service offerings, with each service offering customized to meet the needs of different consumer organizations and groups. You can also leverage service designs shipped with CSA as well as exporting and importing designs between CSA systems.


The Service Design tab, in the resource-offering's details page, allows you to perform several tasks:

  • View list - View a list of service designs that use the resource offering.
  • Select a service design - Click a service-design name to select it and to display its details page in My Applications > Designs > Sequenced > Designer > Sequence Designs.

See View Service Design and View Service Design Version to add, edit, copy, or delete a service design.