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Resource Offering Properties

From the Properties tab for a resource offering, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Create a property — Click Create. See property types and values below.
  • Edit a property — Click the gear icon next to a property and select Edit. You can edit a property's display name, description, and property value.
  • View references to a property — Click View References. See View Resource Offering Property References.
  • Delete a property — Click the gear icon next to a property and select Delete.

Property types and values

Type Property information
  • Name — A unique name for the property.
  • Display Name — A unique name for the property.
  • Description — A description of the property.
  • Consumer Visible — Select this option to indicate that this property will be made visible in the Marketplace Portal.
  • Property Value — Select either True or False.
  • Resource Type and Unit for a Measurable Property — Select this option if you want the property to be specified as a measurable unit.
  • Property Value — Select or type a positive or negative whole number or zero. If you enter a decimal number, the value will be truncated to the nearest integer. The maximum allowed integer value is 2147483647 and the minimum is -2147483648; if you enter a value outside these bounds the value will be automatically converted to the closest maximum or minimum value.
  • Use the icons - Add Item, Edit Item and Remove Item to add, edit and remove list items.

  • Property Value — Type a string of characters.
  • Confidential Data — Select this box to mask the values so that they cannot be read in the Marketplace Portal; no encryption of the value is performed.