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Resource offering tabs

A resource-offering landing page has the following tabs:

  • Overview tab – Displays the resource offering's name and details, and allows you to edit, copy, export, or delete the resource offering.
  • Providers tab – Displays information about current providers associated with the resource offering. The tab also allows you to create a provider association, and to select the provider.
  • Properties tab – Displays information about the resource offering properties, and allows you to create, edit, and delete properties.
  • Lifecycle tab – Displays the resource offering lifecycles and allows you to chose or select a stage, and edit, delete, save as, or export a resource offering at a particular stage.
  • User Operations tab – Displays user operations associated with a resource offering, and allows you to add, edit, delete, copy, or export resource offerings associated with a user operation.
  • Component Templates tab – Allows you to view component templates associated with a resource offering, and edit, copy, delete, and export the resource offering associated with the template.
  • Service Designs tab – Allows you to view service designs associated with the resource offering, edit associated service design information, and create or delete service-design associations