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Design versions

Versioning duplicates an existing design and then allows you to configure and edit the new version. An initial version is automatically created when you create a new design, and you can create as many versions of the design as you wish. While a new version inherits the display name and icon from the original design, you provide a version number (or string), description, and URL that are unique to a particular service design version. Once a version is created, you can use the Designer to create a hierarchy of service components. See Sequenced Designer for more information.

Any one or all versions of a design can be published. A design cannot be edited after it is published.


On the service design page, click the gear icon and select Create New Version to create a new version of the design. If Based on Version is set to a published design, the new design can be made upgradable from the selected version.

Provide the information in the following table and click Save.

Item Description
Based on Version The version of the service design from which this new version is copied.
Version Version of the new service design to be created.
Upgradable from <Based on Version> If the base version of the design (the version from which the new version is copied) has been published, select if this new design is upgradable from the base version. If the base version of the design has not been published, this property is not available.
Description Description of the new version of the design.