Use > Sequenced Designs > Add a service design

Add a service design

  1. In the All Design area, click the gear icon and select Create Design.
  2. Enter information described in the following table, and then click Create.
    Display NameThe name provided for the design is shared by all versions of the design.
    DescriptionThe description you provide for the service design. Individual versions of a design can contain their own descriptions.
    Initial VersionProvide the number or name for the initial version of the design.

    The default image displayed for the provider type.

    To change the image, click Change Image select an image and upload it.

    Note Supported file extensions include .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, and .png. The recommended image size is 256 by 256 pixels. The images are stored in the %CSA_HOME%\jboss-as\standalone\deployments\csa.war\images\library folder of the CSA server.


    Click Select Tags to choose from a list of tags that you can define to provide a structure for organizing and grouping the service designs. For more information, see Manage tags.

    To remove a tag, click the trashcan icon.

  3. Once the design has been added successfully, select the Designer tab to add service components to the design.

For more information, see Service components.