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Sequenced Designer

The Designer allows you to design your sequenced services by creating a hierarchy of service components. A service component is an element of a service design. A service component has a component type that constrains its allowed children and assignable resource offerings.

An example hierarchy of service components, as shown below, has a service composite that contains an infrastructure service, which contains a server group and a virtual network. Also, the server group contains a server (marked as a pattern), while the virtual network contains a policy enforcement point.

For more information, see Sequenced Designs.

To navigate to the sequenced designer

  1. From the dashboard, click Designs > Sequenced > Designer.
  2. Select a service design version. If no versions exist, click New. For more information about versions, see Design versions.
  3. Click the Designer tab. The design canvas opens with a list of palettes and list of components. You can add these components to the design canvas to create your design, as described in Create a service component.

Designer controls

Using zoom and reload/reset control options:

Icon Description

Click to zoom the display out or in.

Click to reset the service components to their default positions.

Using service component control options:

Icon Description

Click the orange dot on a service component on the canvas to display this toolbar.

Use this toolbar to create a new child service component, edit, duplicate, or delete a component, or select a component template.