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Create offerings

You create offerings from the Offerings page. An offering can be created using either a topology or sequenced service design.


  1. From the Cloud Service Management Console, click the Offerings tile. From the Marketplace Portal dashboard, click the Offering Management tile in the Administration section.
  2. Click the gear icon and select Create Offering.
  3. In the Create Offering dialog, enter the following information:
    1. Display Name of the new offering.
    2. Offering Version of the new offering.
    3. Browse to select a topology or sequenced Service Design.
    4. (Optional) Select an existing offering to use as a template for your new offering in the Base Offering On field.

      • Browse to select an offering. All configuration settings from the selected offering will be copied into the new offering.
      • Click Done.
    5. (Optional) Description for the new offering.
  4. (Optional) Select an image from the available icons in the image library or import your own image. If you import your own image, the image must meet the following criteria:

    • File type: PNG, JPG
    • Recommended image size: 256x256
    • File size: Maximum 1 MB

    To select an icon from the image library:

    1. Click the Change Image button.
    2. Select an icon from the image library. The selected icon will display a highlighted background.
    3. Click Select. Your icon will appear under Image.

    To upload your own image:

    1. Click the Change Image button.

    2. Click Upload.
    3. Select the new image and click Open.
    4. Click Select to upload the icon to the image library.
  5. (Optional) Select a Tag, which is a label you can use to provide a structure for organizing and grouping related items.
  6. Click Create. The new offering appears in the All Offerings page list.

Best Practices

Use the Search function to filter offerings by entering a search string containing either the version number or name.