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Publishing Tab

Offerings are published into one or more catalogs so that they are available in the Marketplace Portal. Offerings can be published into the Global Shared Catalog, which is shared among all organizations, or into an organization-specific catalog. Within a catalog, Categories reflect logical groupings of related services. Service offerings can be published more than once in a single catalog provided a different category and approval policy are selected.


  1. With the offering selected, click the Publishing tab.
  2. Click Publish and enter the following information in the Publish Service Offering dialog:

    • To Catalog - Select from the list of available catalogs or click Search to filter the list.
    • In Category - Categories are filtered according to your catalog selection.
    • Approval Policy - Used to configure approvals for user operations that exist in the design that is associated with the offering. Changing the approval policy here does not change the default catalog approval policy. You cannot configure an approval policy for offerings published in the Global Shared Catalog. The default approval policy is No Approval. To change this setting, select an offering and click Change Approval.
    • Unpublish - Service offerings cannot be edited after they are published. If you want to change the attributes of a published service offering, click Unpublish to unpublish the offering from this catalog.