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Modify offerings


To edit, save as, export, delete or create a new version of an offering:

  1. Select an offering.
  2. Perform any of the following actions:

    1. Click the gear icon and select Edit. In the Edit Offering dialog, you can change the Display Name, Offering Version, Description, and Image of the offering.

    2. Click the gear icon and select Save As to create an exact copy of the offering with a new name. This new version can be edited. See Copy Offering Versions.

    3. Click the gear icon and select Export to export the offering, which sends all files and details related to the offering to a zip file. The Export Zip file appears in the lower left hand side of the screen as a downloadable zip file. In Windows, it also appears in your Downloads folder.

    4. Click Delete to delete the selected offering.

    5. To create a new version, see Create offering versions.

Best practices

  • Make sure you know the path and file name of the archive file when exporting an offering.