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Overview Tab

The Overview tab enables you to view, edit details, copy an offering version, create a new version, export, or delete the selected offering. The name of the service design used to create the offering is displayed, along with any associated images and tags. You can also create a new version of the offering. Note that not all functionality is available to the Consumer Organization Administrator role.


The following information about the offering is displayed:

Item Description
Display Name Offering name.
Version Name Offering version.
Description Offering description.
Selected Service Design A link to the version of the service design from which the current offering is created.
Upgradable from A link to the version of an offering whose subscriptions are upgradable to the current offering.
Upgradable to A link to the version(s) of an offering to which subscriptions belonging to the current offering are upgradable.
Image Image associated with the offering.
Tags Group(s) to which the offering belongs.

The following options are available from the Overview details page, in the gear icon drop-down list:

  • Edit - You can edit all attributes of a saved service offering except the service design (sequenced or topology) that was associated during creation.
  • Save As - Creates a copy of the selected offering. Only the name can be changed in the copy.

  • Create New Version - Allows you to create a new version of the offering. See Create offering versions.
  • Export - Exporting a service offering creates a content archive (.zip) file. The content archive contains XML documents and associated artifacts for the service offering you are exporting, icons for customizing the artifacts, and the Manifest XML document that contains meta-information about the archive files. This action is not available to the Consumer Organization Administrator role.

    The service offerings are packaged in an archive file whose name is:


  • Delete - Avoid deleting service offerings that have been published to a catalog or are currently in use by active subscriptions.