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Options Tab

Use settings in the Options tab to refine the subscriber options configured in the sequenced or topology service design. You can set property values and/or option selections and hide properties, options, or option sets that you do not want to expose to subscribers in the Marketplace Portal.

You define a hierarchy of option sets and options. When creating an option set, the option you set becomes the default option. You can create properties on either an entire option set or on a specific option within the set. When you create a property on the entire option set, the property is added to each option within the set.


Within the Options tab, you can perform the following tasks.

  • Show or hide properties within an option set.
  • Collapse the option set and options.
  • Expand the option set and options.
  • Show or hide an option set, option, or property; determines visibility in the Marketplace Portal.
  • Lock or unlock an option set to disallow or allow the subscriber to modify the default option selections within an option set. When an option set or property is locked, all options within the option set are also locked.
  • Edit the option set name or option name.
  • Add or update the image associated with the option set or option.
  • Move the option down within an option set.
  • Move the option up within an option set.
  • Drag and drop the option within an option set.
  • Collapse the entire option set, including options and properties.

Best practices

Conditions for Locking/Unlocking option sets, options, and properties

User Action Result
Locks or unlocks any property. An independent action that does not affect any option sets or options.
Locks at the option set level. All options in this option set are locked except any sub-option sets found under the option set.
Locks at the option set level and then Unlocks just a single option underneath. The lock at the option set level is removed. Any other options at the same level remain locked.
Locks a single option. Has no effect on any option sets or other options.