Upgrade subscriptions

A subscription can be upgraded if the Upgrade Available label is visible in the Subscription Details in the Subscriptions tab of a selected user or in the Overview tab of a selected subscription.

When a subscription is upgraded based on the selection of a service offering in an upgrade path, its associated service instance is updated based on the changes made to the service design configured for that service offering. When an upgrade is requested, the total cost of the upgraded subscription (the cost of the subscription after it has been upgraded) and a description of the changes between the original service offering and the selected service offering to which the original service offering is upgradable is displayed.

The following actions are performed when a subscription is upgraded:

  • A token (ACTION_EXECUTION_RETRY) is set to false when an upgrade is attempted for the first time.
  • Lifecycle actions configured to occur during the Upgrading stage are executed.

If the initial attempt to upgrade fails, the upgrade may be retried. See Retry upgrade for a subscription for more information.


To upgrade a subscription:

  1. In the left pane of the Operations area, select the name of the organization whose subscription you want to upgrade.

    Note The list of subscribers shown in the Users tab is the list of users who have logged in to the Marketplace Portal at least once. The list of offerings shown in the Offerings tab is the offerings that are published in the selected organization's catalogs.

  2. In the Users tab, select the user whose subscription you want to upgrade. Or, in the Offerings tab, select the offering whose subscription you want to upgrade.
  3. In the Subscriptions tab, select the subscription you want to upgrade.
  4. Click the gear icon and select Upgrade.
  5. Select the Upgrade To Version, the version of the offering to which the subscription is upgraded.
  6. Review the total cost of the upgraded subscription and description to verify the changes that will be made upon upgrade.
  7. Click Upgrade.
  8. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog.