Retry upgrade for a subscription

If an upgrade to a subscription has failed (a lifecycle action failed during the upgrading state), an upgrade to the subscription can be retried. That is, any lifecycle actions that have successfully completed for the upgrade will not be re-executed, the lifecycle action that failed will be re-executed, and any lifecycle actions that have not yet run will be executed.

The Service Operations Manager can investigate the failure by viewing the service instance topology for the subscription to determine the node that failed (see View topology for a subscription). A node that is in a Failure phase means that a lifecycle action has failed on the node and must be fixed (see View events for a subscription for information on how to review event information on the node to determine the event that caused the failure). A node that is in a Before, During, or After phase means that there are lifecycle actions for the node that need to be executed to complete the upgrade.

The following actions are performed when an upgrade to a subscription is retried:

  • The lifecycle action that caused the upgrade to fail is re-executed.
  • A token (ACTION_EXECUTION_RETRY) is set to true to indicate the lifecycle action is being executed as part of a retry of an upgrade.
  • Upon successful execution of the lifecycle action that previously failed, the rest of the lifecycle execution for the upgrade (if any) is completed.

When an upgrade to a subscription fails, all subscribers to that subscription receive a notification that the upgrade failed. In the My Service Details view of the Marketplace Portal, service components will only show an Upgrading status. The subscriber may click View Service Topology to display the topology diagram with the lifecycle phase of each service component. The lifecycle phase indicates which service component has failed. Note that the subscriber has a limited view of the components (nodes) that make up a subscription. That is, the node that failed may not display in the subscriber's topology diagram in the Marketplace Portal.


To retry an upgrade for a subscription:

  1. In the left pane of the Operations area, select the name of the organization whose subscription upgrade you want to retry. The list of subscribers shown in the Users tab is the list of users who have logged in to the Marketplace Portal at least once. The list of offerings shown in the Offerings tab is the offerings that are published in the selected organization's catalogs.
  2. In the Users tab, select the user whose subscription upgrade you want to retry. Or, in the Offerings tab, select the offering whose subscription upgrade you want to retry.
  3. In the Subscriptions tab, select the subscription for which you want to retry the upgrade.
  4. Click the gear icon and select Retry Upgrade.
  5. Click OK in the confirmation dialog.