Choose Discovered Class Dialog Box

Enables you to choose CITs that are to be discovered by a selected adapter and to limit links so that they are mapped only when they connect specific CITs.

To access

Select Data Flow Management > Adapter Management > Resources pane > an adapter.

  • In the Adapter Definition tab > Discovered CITs pane, click the Add Discovered CIT button.

  • In the Adapter Configuration tab > Results Management pane, select the Enable Automatic deletion check box and click the Add button in the Automatic Deletion pane.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element (A–Z) Description

Enables DFM to discover CITs only when they are linked by link types you choose in this box.

Select a link type from the list and click the button in the End 1 and End 2 boxes to open the Choose Configuration Item Type dialog box. Choose the CITs that DFM should map when they are linked by the selected link type.

DFM automatically recognizes the links between CIs and adds them to the map of discovered CITs. However, during adapter writing, you may need to exclude links between certain CITs.

For example, both nodes and IPs and nodes and ports are linked by usage. You might need to receive results only for those nodes and IPs that are connected by the usage link, and not for nodes and ports. The End 1 and End 2 links determine the result received from the adapter, and this result is reflected in the map, as can be seen in the following example:

Note This section is relevant only when adding a discovered CIT, not for defining CITs for automatic deletion.

Object Select a CIT to be added to the list of CITs that an adapter is to discover. Save the changes by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the Adapter Definition pane.