Find Resource/Jobs Dialog Box

Enables you to build a search query to find a particular resource or job.

To access

Do one of the following:

  • Select Universal Discovery > Discovery Modules/Jobs > Discovery Modules tree. Click the Find Job button.

  • Select Adapter Management > Resources pane. Click the Find resource button.

See also Resources Pane

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element (A–Z) Description

Click to select a CIT from the dialog box that opens. Click OK to return to the Find Resource dialog box.

Note This button is not accessible when Name is selected.

Direction Searches forwards or backwards through the packages.
Find All Click to highlight all instances of the text entered in Name.
Find Discovery Job by/
Find Discovery resource by

Choose between:

  • Name. Enter the name, or part of it, of the resource.

  • Input type/Adapter input type. CIs that trigger the job. Click the button to open the Choose Configuration Item Type dialog box. Locate the CI type that you are searching for.

  • Output type/Adapter output type. CIs that are discovered as a result of the job or the adapter.

Find Next The next job/resource meeting the search criteria is highlighted in the Discovery Modules/Resources pane.