Permission Editor Dialog Box

Enables you to configure an adapter you have written, so that users can view permissions for the job.

To access Select Data Flow Management > Adapter Management > an adapter > Adapter Definition tab > Required Permissions pane, and click the Add button.
Important Information The information you define here is not dynamic, that is, if an adapter is changed, the information in this dialog box is not updated.
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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element (A–Z) Description
Operation The action that is being run.
Permission Enter a name for the permission, to appear in the Required Permissions pane.
Usage Description Free text that you enter to describe the permission object and its parameters. This text is usually a general comment on the type of permission object, whereas the description is a more specific comment. For example, you could enter Permissions for host machines here, and Permissions for host machines running on Windows for a particular row.